Sproat Lake

Sproat Lake Waterfront Homes

Sproat Lake is just 13 km northwest of Port Alberni on Highway 4.  Known for its warm, crystal clear water with up to 30 feet of visibility, Sproat Lake is popular for fishing, swimming, water skiing and windsurfing. Easy access and over 200 miles of shoreline make Spoat Lake a favourite vacation destination on Vancouver Island.


Surrounded by mountains and Douglas Fir forest, the wonders of West Coast wilderness are all around you. Enjoy a nature walk on one of the many trails around the lake or visit the prehistoric Petroglyphs at Sproat Lake Provincial Park. Spectacular mountain top views reward motorcycle and ATV enthusiasts that make use of the local logging roads.


Nearby Port Alberni provides a variety of recreational facilities and tourist destinations.  The area is famous for its saltwater fishing in Alberni Inlet and Barkley Sound, but also offers excellent fresh water fishing in the Stamp and Somas Rivers.


Sproat Lake is also a great stepping off point for tourists wishing to see the west coast.  It is an easy day trip to visit world famous Long Beach and Tofino.

Sproat Lake

Recreation on Sproat Lake



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